Graduating Exhibition

Can’t believe it’s been 4 years but my graduation exhbition is  now up and running…

Genus: Rosebank

Jewellery by Dorothy de Lautour

Rosebank Road, just another small industrial pocket surrounded by mangroves, motorways and quiet suburbia, unexceptional and uncelebrated.  This body of work uses jewellery as its medium and is intended as a celebration of Rosebank Road Peninsula.  Genus: Rosebank references the natural order of a changing, reshaping and evolving environment by highlighting the evolution from an agricultural past to an industrial present.

Walter Benjamin, German literary critic and philosopher asserts,

In thousands of eyes, in thousands of objects, the city is reflected.  It is the task of the urban physiognomist to read the experiences of the metropolis through the many fragments offered by the city.  (Gilloch, 6)

With this in mind objects are recovered from the site and remade to reflect its current temperament and character.

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Author: Dorothy de Lautour

Dorothy graduated with a degree in Design and Visual Arts (Contemporary Craft - Jewellery) at Unitec in Auckland, New Zealand. She was selected as an exhibitor for Objectspace's "Best in Show - 2012" and has exhibited in Wellington for NZ Academy of Fine Arts and in Auckland at Lopdell House.

2 thoughts on “Graduating Exhibition”

  1. Dorothy, I’m a fellow jeweler living over 9-10k miles away, yet it’s amazing how much I can appreciate and understand the observations that your work conveys. The lovely way you’ve incorporated the found objects (like the orange pieces) w/ the stunning oval silver chains and silver twigs brings two worlds together about as opposite as one can imagine, yet these items work in total unity and demonstrate the “differing worlds” you’ve commented on perfectly. Very happy to have found your blog and look forward to following/reading more about your work.


    1. Kia Ora, I am so glad you have enjoyed my work and blog, the internet is a wonderful tool for breaking down boarders isn’t it. I really enjoyed your work as well as Repousse is a technique that I particularly enjoyed and at some stage would like to explore. My postings are pretty infrequent at the moment but I will try to do some more particularly on the New Zealand Contemporary Jewellery scene, which seems to be currently thriving. Kind Regards


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