Seeding the Cloud on Rosebank Road

Seeding the Cloud as part of the Rosebank: Artifacts of Place Exhibtion

Last weekend saw the initiation of an Artwalk/Sitework as part of the Auckland Festival.  As part of the everyday collective our project was setting up an interactive workshop based on the innovative project established by Australian Contemporary Jeweller Roseanne Bartley.  Bartley describes her Seeding the Cloud project as a Walking Work in Processattempting to activate a creative response to our urban surroundings, and in particular draw our attention to the burgeoning issue of waste plastic.

Having attended Bartley’s workshop and explored th environs of Ponsonby Road,  I felt this concept could easily transported to the Rosebank Road site which I was currently using as the basis for my graduating research work.   Our initial walk resulted in the beginnings of some interesting pieces…

Grace, Alice an Amy observing and collecting along Rosebank Road
Sorting found plastic
Grace begins the threading process
The beginnings of another interesting piece

The Rosebank Artwalk/Sitework projects intention is to provoke people to pause and consider the place that is Rosebank Peninsula .  My very small part of this project was to assist in bringing the Seeding the Cloud to the Rosebank Artwalk under the leadership of Isle Marie Erl.  Our inititive began by taking a space as part of Rosebank: artifacts of place exhibition held in the Snow White Gallery at Unitec.

Author: Dorothy de Lautour

Dorothy graduated with a degree in Design and Visual Arts (Contemporary Craft - Jewellery) at Unitec in Auckland, New Zealand. She was selected as an exhibitor for Objectspace's "Best in Show - 2012" and has exhibited in Wellington for NZ Academy of Fine Arts and in Auckland at Lopdell House.

2 thoughts on “Seeding the Cloud on Rosebank Road”

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Roseanne, the girls of Overview magazine asked me to do a little write up about the project, do you get their publication ? If not it is available on Jewellers Guild of Greater Sandringham Facebook Group.
      Cheers D


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